Don't just talk about it, BE about it!

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I call myself a hippie gypsy.  I have no desire for energetic immovable roots to this beautifully captivating planet I call Gaia Sophia.  I want to see it all.  My Soul has a deep yearning to experience everything I possibly can…and to soak it all up.  I am on this journey just as each and every one of you watching this.  Walking alongside of you, learning in my own individual frame of reference and helping you get in touch with your personal sacred point of view is what I am all about.  That’s why I named my website Beccaboutit.  I used to talk a big game but didn’t often back it up.  One day, my boyfriend looked at me and said, “Don’t just talk about it.  Be about it.”  And in my head popped one phrase.  So I bought the domain and dreamed up this little merkaba of internet land. 

It took me almost a year to do anything with it, though.  I’ve been studying, researching, experiencing and documenting.  It has truly been the ride of my life and I am so glad I’m here at this time to do this work with amazing Souls on the same adventure.

So what is it that I do, exactly?  That's a really excellent question!  I am a certified Soul Realignment practitioner.  I access the wisdom of the Akashic records to identify the true nature of your individual Soul.  Most spiritual seekers are aware of themselves as a spiritual being but few of them truly understand how their Soul expresses their own unique divine purpose.  Fewer still are aware of their Soul's divine gifts and talents, purpose, origination group and how the Soul shapes our human experience. 

Despite all you know about the Law of Attraction, meditation, shadow work, etc. do you still find yourself struggling to create the kind of experience you want?  Do you feel as if you're missing important information about your path, purpose, and gifts?  Do you ever wonder why you continue attracting negative experiences, situations, relationships or lessons?  Do you feel "stuck" in the process of creating inner or outer transformation? 

If so, it is no accident that you are here.  Soul Realignment offers you comprehensive insight into blocks and restrictions at Soul-level that provide meaningful explanations for many present-life struggles.  But it doesn't stop there!  This is a healing modality that actually clears and heals the negativity we have chosen to expose our Soul to. My clients have experienced profound shifts and deep insights that have motivated them to make new choices and attract new experiences.  They create more of what they want in their lives and utilize their divine soul blueprint as a resource of limitless potential for abundance, whatever that looks like to you!

So, if you're ready to get started then schedule a reading!  If you have questions, your first session is on me so click the green button and let's get on the same page of your Akashic record!  I can't wait to get to know your Soul!


What is Becca about?

I am just like you!  I walk beside you providing you with a few tools to help you understand and connect with your own unique divinity.  It's your experience, I'm just grateful to share it with you!


Before this body of yours, you were pure Soul. 

Know yourself apart from your garment.

— Rumi


Loving Awareness

Being seen at Soul-level is a deeply vulnerable place to be.  I admire your courage.