BE fearless in the pursuit of what sets your Soul on fire!



I am absolutely passionate about empowering you to create the reality you dream of!

You’re a divine being having a human experience.  You get to have what you want!  The universe is so unconditionally loving that it responds to exactly what you desire. 

So…what if you’re not living the life of your dreams?  If you want to master your karma and be at choice over your experience so that you can manifest more of what you want and change your life, there is one equation you MUST live by: 


One of the most loving things I can do is uphold the truth that there is nobody on this planet (including you) who has not consciously or unconsciously chosen their current set of circumstances.  Upholding this truth for you is one of the greatest ways I can empower you! 

But consciousness is key!  Awareness is the beginning of change.  Karma doesn’t care whether we are choosing consciously or unconsciously, it simply responds to the energy of our action.  Disconnection with our divine blueprint manifests as making choices that are incongruent with who we are at Soul level leaving us feeling stuck, confused, frustrated and often times even defeated.  Our Soul’s divine blueprint is a fifth-dimensional resource that remains largely untapped though and many of us have no logical comprehension or understanding of who we truly are at Soul level. 

But here’s the good news!  You have access to the same free will as I do.  I want to help you commit to the power you have to create.  Anyone can access the Akashic records but until you develop that skill for yourself, I would be highly honored to work on your behalf to reacquaint you with your Soul’s divine gifts and the very essence of who you were created to be.

Through Soul Realignment, I will help you harness the power of your own intuitive and manifesting abilities to create the life you want based on your divine gifts and your Soul’s identity and help you navigate the human experience making choices congruent with your subjective truth.    

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