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Full soul profile

$175 — Not sure where to start?  This is the basis and foundation for most of the other readings listed.  We will identify your primary gifts, Soul group of origination and present as well as past life blocks and restrictions.  

Property clearing

$100 — We are often vibrationally aligned to the properties we are attracted to.  However, misalignments often happen after a Soul Realignment.  You've changed but your property has not!  Or perhaps, you or someone in your home is experiencing frequent nightmares, sleep paralysis or other negative astral travel.  Sometimes, you will feel or see things in your home. You're not crazy, it is a real occurrence and not nearly as rare as you might think!  

life situation reading

$125 — Clearing everything in a Soul Realignment would send most Souls into an energetic healing crisis. This reading is typically a follow-up done after the initial adjustment period has passed and you've noticed new situations you've attracted.  It can also be a stand-alone reading to identify what's going on energetically behind specific 3D situations you're experiencing.

spirit guide reading

$100 — Our spirit guides are Souls who have chosen to assist us while here on the Earth plane.  We have an inner and outer circle and understanding them and how to work with them can literally transform your experience and exponentially strengthen your intuitive abilities. They are an efficient team and can magnify the energies you express in working with the spiritual realms. At times, we even have temporary guides on special assignment based on decisions we are making to uphold specific energies for us. Meet your guide time with this reading!

Comprehensive chakra reading

$125 — We direct energy through our choices. If we neglect or overuse any of these energies we create chakra imbalances. This reading provides an inventory of both under and over activity in all 8 chakras and clear understanding of what life areas require more focus and directed effort.  Because our chakras exist at both our 3rd and 4th dimensional aspects (mental and emotional bodies), imbalances can be found at any of these levels.

Life lesson reading

$125 — Life lessons represent experiences or themes we want to examine in this lifetime.  We are not in school. There are no grades. Our Soul chooses lessons simply to experience itself as divine within the human lifetime. Want to know the energy your Soul wanted to play with this time?  This is the reading for you!

soul specializations

$25 — (add on) Some Souls came here with a "mission" to complete.  These Souls have a certain skillset they were innately designed with that help them carry out that mission.  Others will be drawn to healing, mediumship, dreamtime etc. and embody those energies to help them create their experience.  

Primary Life Lesson

$25 — (add on) Not ready for a complete life lesson read but want to know the primary theme you chose for this incarnation?  I'll look it up and add it on to any other full reading for your reference!

ongoing coaching/packages

Custom — You and I will work together to create a package designed specifically for you.  I offer one-on-one coaching, homework, guided meditations, shadow work exercises and many other ongoing support models. What works best for you will depend on your goals and timeline, manifesting style, energy centers, budget and availability.